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Taking Shape
Leadership Program


What is the STAR Leadership Program?

The Taking Shape STAR leadership program is a youth leadership training course designed for Southwest Synergy Dance because we are passionate about growing young leaders.

This program is open to all students in the Tinley Park and surrounding areas that are interested in a leadership program. You do not have to be a student at SWSD to participate .

The program is designed in a classroom style lesson format based on 5 points of the “STAR”, and is composed of several community outreach programs, seminars, workshops, and mission trip opportunities.



The STAR leadership course focuses on monthly themes of gratitude, giving, public speaking, positive self-image, respect, time management, budgeting money and many other topics that are valuable in leadership development. In addition, a continued education component that advises and counsels our STAR leaders on pathways to college or further education goals beyond high school.


The Star Leadership is comprised of 5 points of a star.


SERVE: One of the best qualities of a leader is the ability to serve others. The STAR leadership program is based on a servant leadership approach and focuses on gratitude, community service and humility.

TRUST: Building trust is essential in being a valuable leader. Character values such as honest, integrity and loyalty are strengthened in order to build a firm foundation as a trusted leader.

GROWTH: Continuing to grow and learn is essential as an accomplished leader. Finding your purpose and continuing to impact others is key leadership development.

EXCELLENCE: Establishing a strong work ethic and consistent habits that lead to excellent performance is strong quality of a leader.

LOVE: Love is the ultimate link that unifies all of these character traits together. Loving yourself and living a life of kindness creates a ripple effect of servant leadership. 


Meetings – Convene Monthly

Dates – Starting August 28, 2023

Class tuition: $15/mo

                                                       2023-2024 Schedule 

                                                       August 28, 2023 4-6pm
                                                       September 2, 2023 3-4pm
                                                       October 21, 2023 3-4pm
                                                       November 18, 2023 4-5pm
                                                       January 7, 2024 1-2pm
                                                       February 10, 2024 1-2pm
                                                       March 9, 2024 1-2pm
                                                       April 20, 2024 1-2pm



                                 How can I become a Taking Shape STAR Member? 

                                    Register through our parent portal today! 

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